Welcome to 8X Community.

I believe in hard work, sacrifice, commitment, and dedication. I believe in working towards your goals with passion, joy, and grit. I believe in self-accountability. I truly think that deep within each of us we have the potential to achieve more than we give ourselves credit for. We all can walk in our full potential. While each of our paths is a solo journey, we can find inspiration and guidance as we work with others, learn from others, and lean on others. It might be a solo journey, but you don’t have to do it alone.

I have been very fortunate to perform on many stages around the world. I’ve met many amazing folks along the way and learned from each and every one of them. It’s exciting to want to achieve something you’ve seen someone else achieve. It was inspiring to learn from others and walk in their path while finding my own.

I learned quickly that my aspirations required sacrifice. It took grit. It demanded commitment to not only reach my goal, but to also continue to grow. I learned that, above all, showing-up was non-negotiable. Showing up ready to learn, give, and grow.

8 Shows A Week. What eight shows a week requires, what it asks of an individual-

I remember starting the week with first show wondering how I was going to get through it. Then I would see everyone else showing up, dedicating and digging deep. Between us all, as a community, one show became two, then three, and then we into the final one, the eighth show. I loved that sense of accomplishment and perseverance. Knowing the sacrifices made that week, the commitment shown, and discovering the limitless grit that I didn’t know I had, got me- and all of us- through it, eight times a week, every week. As a community.

That 8X a week now represents so much to me that I can apply in any area of life, in anything I do, on any new path I take. Not that it always is a win, but I’ll be brave, I’ll tap into that grit I have inside and show up, open, committed, dedicated.

The rest, well, let’s see what happens.